Sepsism - Purulent Decomposition

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Release date: January 1999
Style: Death metal


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01. Surgical Atrocity
02. Pathological Disfigurement
03. Necrotic Flesh Rot
04. Shredded In Cannibalistic Violence
05. Dissection
06. Internal Fermentation
07. Uterocasket
08. Brutally Butchered
09. Murdering At Random
10. Veneno En La Sangre
11. Punctured Internal Organs
12. Born Into Oblivion

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Sepsism are a Death Metal outfit from the USA , and the record I'm listening right now is the reissue of their Debut album bearing the same name, this reissue has a new layout and some other bonus stuff.
The band plays quite typical Death Metal with gore lyrics, but don't be afraid, when I say typical doesn't mean is boring or anything, actually this is a quite enjoyable record. Wait. Enjoyable is not the word, when you have a record with songs like "Punctured Internal Organs" and "Shredded In Cannibalistic Violence" I think the word enjoyable is quite out of place.

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