Insolitvs - Op. I [EP]

Release date: 1 November 2011
Style: Progressive death metal


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01. Grey 4.15
02. Yellow 5
03. Red 6
04. Blue 5.30
05. Green 4
06. Orange 5.15

Staff review by
The last time I checked, Croatia wasn't known for its good prog/death metal bands. But if you turned over the rock of hidden gems, you would find Insolitvs there.

Emerging with their first EP, Op. I takes you on a trippy journey, as if you were taking a pill and going into a new dimension. The song titles and the cover seem to point to that analogy; the music certainly does, or maybe it is just a weird predilection the band has for colours, numbers, and infinity. Either way, Insolitvs display a mix of instrumental progressive death metal and traditional acoustic tunes. Being both hypnotic and dense, their music is fueled by melodic, aggressive and technical riffs, with typical sudden changes of pace and ferocious surges of distortion.

published 09.12.2011 | Comments (4)

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