Spektr - Et Fugit Intera Fugit Irreparabile Tempus

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Release date: 4 April 2004
Style: Experimental black metal


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01. No Longer Human Senses
02. Post Fatalism
03. Reveal The Four Seals
04. Nothing's Been Worth Saving (The Procession)
05. A Return To The Flesh
06. Wizened Hand
07. ...With Only One Eye
08. Confusion / The Persistence (Ending Contakt)

Additional info
Label - Appease Me Records

The title is Latin for: "And as time flies, it escapes irretrievably".
"No Longer Human Senses" is a subtitle for the album.

LP version is limited to 300 copies worldwide (Gatefold LP, splatter vinyl & poster); released by Panik Terror Musik.
Artwork by Haemoth

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