Blöod Düster - Blood Duster

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Release date: 2003
Style: Grindcore


13 have it

01. For Those About To Fuck
02. Idi
03. SixSixSixteen
04. Cock Junkie
05. Sellout
06. I Wanna Do It With A Donna
07. Fruity Relationships
08. Heroin Punk
09. Sk8er Grrrl
10. Bad Habbits
11. On The Stage
12. Vegan Feast
13. Drink! Fight! Fuck!
14. Tony Goes To Court
15. On The Hunt
16. Current Trends
17. Underground
18. Drug Fiend
19. Achin' For An A-Cup
20. Dahmer The Embalmer
21. She's A Junkie
22. Nu Corporate
23. Orneryhornery [Track bonus]
24. 66.6Onyourfmdial [Track bonus]
25. Tickettoride + Painfullnois Entitled "Htabbaskcalb" [Track bonus]
26. Lets Fuck [Track bonus]

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I don't know why but the more I have a look at Australia, the more I think that there is a real biologic problem in this country... After kangaroos, koalas and some other duck-billed platypus a new specimen shows its head in the Aussie fauna since some years now, the Blöod Düster. I don't know if it's the opinion of the scientists but I have my personal thesis which says that it must certainly come from the big uranium deposit in the country or maybe in the case of Blöod Düster, the abuse of beer and some other illegal products. But if I must present this specimen maybe the best way for me could be to open the metal encyclopaedia to the page "B" and write this really serious and scientific definition:

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