Hocico - Signos De Aberración

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Release date: 11 February 2002
Style: Electro-Industrial , Aggrotech


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Disc I [Signos De Aberración]
01. Pandemonium
02. Instincts Of Perversion
03. Untold Blasphemies
04. Bloodshed
05. Child's Eternity
06. Forgotten Tears
07. Un Alma Y el Vacío
08. Twisted Lines
09. En Otro Lado
10. Wounds
11. Cállate El Hocico

Disc II [Silenth Wrath][Boxset Bonus Disc]
01. Silent Wrath
02. Final Resource [Therapy version]
03. Poltergeist [Slave version]
04. Instantes de Perfección

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Relesed also as Boxset that include Bonus CD, T-Shirt, key pedant, postcards and stickers.

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Hocico are not a simple band, they are the plague lurking in the darkness waiting for the right moment to strike those who benefit on the weakness of the poor and of those that struggle to survive. Hocico are the punishment against all those that use power and money to support their very own cause caring not for the other human beings, draining the blood out of their body if they have to. Hocico is justice, but they are not blind; they see, they know and they accuse without being afraid of anyone and this is what they're doing for more than a decade now through their music.

published 28.01.2005 | Comments (1)

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