Decayed - A Tribute To The Ancients [Compilation]

Release date: 2010
Style: Black metal

01. Bad to the Bone [G. Thorogood & The Destroyers cover]
02. Black Magic [Slayer cover]
03. Blasphemer [Sodom cover]
04. Call from the Grave [Bathory cover]
05. Carnivore [Carnivore cover]
06. Countess Bathory [Venom cover]
07. In League with Satan [Venom cover]
08. Infernal Death [Death cover]
09. Into the Crypts of Rays [Celtic Frost cover]
10. Metal Command [Exodus cover]
11. Ride Hard, Die Fast [Bulldozer cover]
12. Rite of Cthulhu [Samael cover]
13. Rock'N'Roll [Motörhead cover]
14. Sign of Evil [Violence Force cover]
15. The Conqueror [Sodom cover]
16. The Return of Darkness and Evil [Bathory cover]
17. Tormentor [Kreator cover]
18. T ouch Too Much [AC-DC cover]
19. Troops of Doom [Sepultura cover]
20. Welcome to Hell [Venom cover]
21. Witching Hour [Venom cover]
22. Woman of Dark Desire [Bathory cover]
23. You Don't Move Me [Bathory cover]

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