Shambless - Apkas Itulia

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Release date: June 2004
Style: Atmospheric black metal, Folk metal


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01. Aier Fertalas
02. Paus Mor Cras
03. Morba Voila
04. Nen Nare Ros
05. Aktrumo Ratunas
06. Akramos
07. Ut Meus Olito Pulvis A More Vacer

Additional info
Label: Stygian Crypt Productions

Recorded at Post Mortem Studio during 2003-2004 anno.
All lyrics are written in an "ancient sacred elfish language".
The CD also contains the video for "Morba Voila".

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Legola's cousin got a Metal band!

Ok, here's the deal, Pavel Rekarski lived his live like any other typical Bulgarian, he mingled well in his society, had friends, family and maybe a girlfriend, he watched TV, listened to music and went to social gatherings. Later on his life he discovered he was actually, an elf! He realized he was from the elfish world called "the wet lands" and his native tongue was a language called "Tura Leagan" (meaning "far away").

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