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Release date: 20 July 2012
Style: Atmospheric black metal


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01. Directionless Resurrectionist
02. Prey Tell Of The Church Fate
03. A Prophet For A Pound Of Flesh
04. The Blight Of God's Acre
05. Man's Laughter
06. The Underside Of Eden
07. Gatherer Of The Pure
08. Left Behind As Static
09. Corvus Corona (Part 1)
10. Corvus Corona (Part 2)
11. Dead Love [bonus]

The best Black Metal album of 2012

Lyrics (11)

Mister Curse - vocals
The Gentleman - piano, synths, percussions, programming, drums, samples
Henry Hyde Bronsdon - guitars, vocals, ukulele, samples
Sir Gastrix Grimshaw - guitars, backing vocals
Katie "Katheryne, Queen Of The Ghosts" Stone - flutes, violins, vocals
Mr. John "The Resurrectionist" Bishop - drums, percussions
Mr. Titus Lungbutter - bass

Mr. Philip Wilcox - accordion

Additional info
Release dates:
Germany/Austria: July 20, 2012
Europe: July 23, 2012
North America: August 14, 2012
Everywhere else: July 23, 2012

- Jewelcase CD. Budget edition with 8-page booklet and no extras.
- Digipak CD. Premium edition in 3-wing Digipak with 20-page booklet. Including bonus track "Dead Love".

- Artbook 2CD/DVD. Collector's edition in 28 x 28 cm hardcover book with 48 pages. Including bonus track "Dead Love", bonus CD with two exclusive cover songs, and DVD with "Gatherer Of The Pure" video clip. Limited to 1000 copies.

- Gatefold 2LP. Vinyl edition with 12-page booklet and poster. Including bonus track "Dead Love". Limited to 500 copies.

Recordedat the Gentelmen's C;ub & the Coach House between August - December 1891.
Except Mr Bishop's trap kit, which was recorded by Robert Hobson at

Produced & engineered by Henry Brondson/The Gentleman. Mixed & mastred by Henry Brondson.

With: The Projectionist - Live lighting & imagery, moving pictures & animation.
Cover design & illustration: Karolina Szymkiewicz.
Layout, design & lithographics: Grum.
Scratchings: Curse.
Photography: The Projectionist.

Guest review by

Let me tell you what I believe is the ultimate measure of a band's talent: how many genres they can blend together into a mass fusion of sound, while at the same time sticking to the core base of the primary genre from which they come. A Forest Of Stars have already proven themselves masters at such a technique with 2008's The Corpse Of Rebirth and 2010's lesser-acclaimed (but still impressive) Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring. And here they are in 2012, ready to split the black metal camp in half again with another stunningly outlandish album. The thing about the band that one should take note of is that they never do the same thing twice. True, they have managed to craft a distinct sound that can genuinely be called "theirs," yet (much like Enslaved) this sound is always being embellished upon. On A Shadowplay For Yesterdays, we see it evolving into a much more folklore-ish territory, with the Victorian themes we all love and know the band for being taken to a new height.

published 21.10.2012 | Comments (7)

Staff pick by
Darkside Momo

24.07.2012 Maybe, maybe, more accessible than their previous two offerings, yet still completely unique, A Forest Of Stars didn't disappoint at all with this new gem of an album.

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Hendrikse - 19.06.2012 at 23:59  
  That's some really nice artwork, very different though.
Oaken - 20.06.2012 at 00:07  
Rating: 9 I'm very anticipated for this. I revisited Opportunistic a few days ago, and I found I love it even more. From what it looks like, the songs are shorter than the monolithic lengths on their previous albums, and who knows, that might turn up as a good thing.
Sync - 20.07.2012 at 00:27  
  Just got the album and I'll give it a spin later tonight. Having 'Gatherer of the Pure' full blast is very good now, considering the music video is quite quiet
Bad English - 20.07.2012 at 17:57  
  Just give atry and this abnd is personality, onw style, music, best BM from UK, band has avantgard touche into muisc, great harmony and melodty combinations, interesting lyrics, good album werry good and I wish it will stay more underground, this is english arcturus
Fredd - 21.07.2012 at 05:53  
Kosst Amojan - 22.07.2012 at 22:03  
Rating: 9 This is quite different than previous album, more mellow and melodic, with less black metal shrieks from Mr. Curse and more clean, angelic vocals from Katie Stone, but I can't tell it's worse than it's predecessor. It's different, but in a good sense. Surely not a dissapointment and it's one of the better metal albums I heard this year so far.
Mechaniacal - 24.07.2012 at 04:01  
Rating: 8 Well this surprised the shit out of me.
Sync - 24.07.2012 at 16:15  
  Wow really? 7.4 after 14 votes?

Looks like I'll have to sort that out.
Troy Killjoy - 25.07.2012 at 17:45  
  Personally I think this is a big step up from what I felt was a rather disappointing sophomore release in Opportunistic Thieves, but still ultimately pales in comparison to their debut.
Mr. Doctor - 25.07.2012 at 17:51  
Written by Troy Killjoy on 25.07.2012 at 17:45

Personally I think this is a big step up from what I felt was a rather disappointing sophomore release in Opportunistic Thieves, but still ultimately pales in comparison to their debut.

I liked their second album... but it was definitely a less awesome experience than the debut. This album, while being better than the second one is still not as brilliant as the debut.
So yeah, basically... I agree with your words but maybe not with the same intensity since I didn't exactly felt the second album was a dissapointment.

It definitely dserves more than 7,6 overall... what's up with that?
malaikat - 30.07.2012 at 23:32  
Rating: 9 My god, I love this. Best AFOS album for me by far.
Oaken - 31.07.2012 at 00:39  
Rating: 9 Too many textures, styles and instruments blended in this wonderful musical project. Also the shortening of the tracks was very successful. My favorite tracks were prey tell of the church fate and gatherer of the pure.
R'Vannith - 02.08.2012 at 14:12  
Rating: 8 The vocalist reminds me of Fish for some reason. Even when he moves from clean to harsh it's still recognizable to me. He has a similar technique. Brilliant music too.
Awesomesaurus - 11.08.2012 at 17:16  
  A Prophet For A Pound Of Flesh is a killer track!
Boxcar Willy - 12.08.2012 at 03:14  

The snarl vocals remind me of Hanternoz.

Fantastic song, I love the french-homeless-1887-vibe.
Oaken - 12.08.2012 at 03:33  
Rating: 9
Written by Boxcar Willy on 12.08.2012 at 03:14

The snarl vocals remind me of Hanternoz.

Fantastic song, I love the french-homeless-1887-vibe.

The riff at 3:12 is killer.
Apothecary - 17.08.2012 at 17:54  
Rating: 9 Definite contender for black metal album of 2012. Fantastic release. Prey Tell of the Church's Fate and The Underside of Eden are my favorites, but the whole album front-to-back is amazing.
Night Sight - 21.08.2012 at 14:22  
  their music is too long but good
not great but good
M C Vice - 24.08.2012 at 14:34  
Rating: 8 The bonus track, Dead Love, reminds me of It Can't Rain All The Time by Jane Siberry (the song on the end credits on The Crow).
Hey, would the pigs on Gatherer Of The Pure count as session musicians?
SceneryOfLoss - 27.08.2012 at 19:19  
Rating: 9 Loved it, really great discovery! Somehow, it made me remember about Estatic Fear.
JēkabsFiļi - 28.08.2012 at 13:31  
Rating: 8 I am wondering if two last tracks are not a sign form AFoS, that they are moving away from BM roots. that would be a shame. Still great album - especially Gatherer of the Pure
Mr. Doctor - 28.08.2012 at 14:10  
Written by JēkabsFiļi on 28.08.2012 at 13:31

I am wondering if two last tracks are not a sign form AFoS, that they are moving away from BM roots. that would be a shame. Still great album - especially Gatherer of the Pure

Lucas gave the same feelings which I share about that. He put it best in his review of their second album:

I 'feared' A Forest Of Stars would prove to be one of the bands that would rapidly depart Black metal in favour of stronger, genre-transcending experimentation. Which would not necessarily be a bad thing, but still, we don't want to lose too many worthwhile to non-metal genres. Having a couple of strong, unique and daring extreme acts around is very healthy for our precious little scene.
R'Vannith - 28.08.2012 at 14:10  
Rating: 8 Man's Laughter is easily my favourite track, can't go past that sound from about 16 seconds in.
Unhealer - 28.08.2012 at 15:54  
Rating: 8 Liked it. It gets more melodic and better on the second half.
Ellrohir - 28.08.2012 at 16:22  
  All glory to the unconventional black metal
tea[m]ster - 30.08.2012 at 03:29  
Rating: 6 This is interesting. I will have to spin it a few more times...just to soak it all in!
basquetal - 08.09.2012 at 00:49  
  For me, the only problem with this album is the voice i do not like it ... the rest is pretty good, the song "A Prophet For A Pound Of Flesh" is pure magic.
InnerSelf - 26.09.2012 at 00:43  
Rating: 9 I like it a lot, not as much as the first two but it still is damn amazing. But if I had to pick a favorite BM album this year I'd still go with Reverence (counting Cosmosophy out since it's more Industrial than Black)
Draugen - 06.01.2013 at 16:47  
Rating: 9 Why did I not listen to this album earlier? Oh well...

I had totally forgotten how absolutely brilliant this band is. Their highly unique sound creates some truly original listening experiences and A Shadowplay For Yesterdays is no exception to this. The album is at times psychedelic and twisted but at others fairly dark and sometimes straight up depressing - much due to the woeful vocals.

In addition to this, what really stood out to me regarding this particular release, is how utterly beautiful it is. The guitar, flute, violin and female vocals are all contributing to a mesmerizing atmosphere which is present throughout most of the album but mainly in the second half. This was something that took me by surprise and while it is true that the band have moved away from the more prevalent black metal sound of previous releases, I for one welcome this atmospheric and experimental approach.
CyberSymphony - 01.03.2013 at 16:08  
Rating: 8 Saw this album at a special offer today and I'm glad I bought it. An excellent find and one of the most original metal albums I've heard in a while. 8/10 for now, might move up to a 9 after a few more listens.
Ellrohir - 01.03.2013 at 16:31  
  Congratulations on being best black album...this one deserves it
Metal_Buff - 26.03.2013 at 07:41  
Rating: 9 Succeeds in combining beauty and black metal in a way few others do. Some of the most memorable and original stuff I've had the pleasure of coming across... I think the vocals of Mr. Curse are indeed challenging, but they are absolutely perfect for creating the atmosphere of distress and delivering the dramatic flair that the music needs. I must get the digipack version so I can delve into this in it's full glory!
Spacerunner - 13.04.2013 at 18:36  
  Black metal phenomenon.
NocturnalStalker - 21.04.2013 at 17:22  
Rating: 9 I think that A Forest Of Stars can be called Current 93 of black metal scene. I mean it as a great compliment.
Daggon - 07.05.2013 at 02:14  
Rating: 8 I gotta say this release is quite different from their previous albums. It is a very enjoyable album, it's beautiful, with a special atmosphere. I liked the addition of more clean vocals, but still I miss the Black metal style at some parts.

A natural evolution for a band that seems unstoppable at making what they want.
BloodJuNkie - 03.01.2014 at 09:12  
Rating: 6 "A Prophet For A Pound Of Flesh" is the only song i like!

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