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Emerna - The Prince Of Darkness

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Release date: 2011
Style: Black metal

Disc I [His Deeepest Majesty]
01. Uncovering The Loneliness Of Satan
02. Your Un-Blackmetal Septic Veracity
03. I Am The True Deeepest Diaboleee
04. God Is The Buried Ignorance Of Love
05. Impossible Universe Of 1000 Faiths
06. The Times I Wished To Left Myself
07. Hey! They Knew Your God Was Gun
08. I Ask When Did Your Endtime Begin
09. Possitive Obscurity Of Absent Reality
10. Psychotic Devil's Agitated Melancholia

Disc II [Absolute Satanic Gloom]
01. A Silent Hymn To Undying Sathanas
02. Unhanding Daemons Into The Gloom
03. Into The Embrace Of X-Gender Satan
04. Dancer In The Dark Diabolical Desires
05. Infernal Declaration Of Human Life
06. Lost In Archangle's Forgotten Love
07. Searching The Abysmal Devil's Lust
08. The Great Liar Destroyer Of Paradise
09. Drowning The Gleam Into The Gloom
10. Behold The Greatest Lord Of The Flies

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