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Primary Colors - Seriously, Fuck You

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Release date: 2012
Style: Jazz rock


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01. Death Metal Alarm Clock
02. Kill Your Parents
03. Fuck, I'm A Zombie
04. Dahmer Faggot
05. Aliens Smoking Weed
06. Fire Escape
07. Jazz
08. Bust Me Downs
09. Song 1
10. Enola Gay Fucking
11. Sand Nigger Nazi Killer
12. Savage
13. Black Metal
14. End Of Days

Staff review by
There's a long artistically robust tradition of comedians making metal—from Brian Posehn to the Dethklok dude to Varg Vikernes--one to which Primary Colors' frontman Sadi Thakur now officially belongs.

And his comedy background shows. Just looking at the song titles ("Aliens Smoking Weed", "Sand Nigger Nazi Killer", "Dahmer Faggot", "Jazz", and so on), the album name, the close-up of glittering weed on the CD itself, and the "the Jesus capital of Utah invented peanut butter" Snapple fact hidden on the inside of the plastic hinge, binding thingy, the fact that getting some lol's and lolwut's is a priority on this thing is clear enough.

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19.05.2012 - 16:12
Rating: 5
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Well that was fucking terrible.

Imagine if G.G Allin made a modern sounding album, but under a different name.
Checkout my band here!

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