Beyond Dawn - Longing For Scarlet Days [EP]

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Release date: 1994
Style: Electronica


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01. Cold
02. Moonwomb
03. Chaosphere
04. Clouds Swept Away The Colours

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Beyond Dawn is a band coming from dark and cold Norway and they definitely are not one of those bands that remain loyal to a specific sound, yet they chose, throughout their history, to experiment with the whole meaning of this word! It all began back in 1990 when the first line-up of the band came together and formed Beyond Dawn, a portal through which they would express themselves. The first demo (Tales From An Extinguished World) of the band came out the same year, in which Beyond Dawn were playing primary doom/death metal with an intense underground feeling and production. The following year, 1991, the second demo of the band, Heaven's Dark Reflection, came out and it showed that the band was slowly and steadily developing its sound. 1993 arrived and the legendary 2-track Up Through the Linear Shadows was released through the French label Adipocere. Quite an avant-garde extreme metal album for its time, with the band showing a more technical face, but also their concerns while referring to some more experimental soundscapes.

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