Christopher Lee - Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death

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Release date: 27 May 2013
Style: Heavy metal, Power metal


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01. The Portent
02. Charles The Great
03. The Siege
04. Massacre Of The Saxons
05. Drawing Of A New Age
06. Let Legend Mark Me As The King
07. The Betrayal
08. The Devil's Advocate
09. The Ultimate Sacrifice
10. Judgment Day

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27.05.2013 - 19:05
I do not recommend buying this album, the first one, by the sword and the cross was amazing, if you dont mind less metal more symphonic. this album however, is literally the instrumentals from the first album redone, it dosent even sound like the re recorded the vocals, and it sounds horrible, the only two new songs on the album are the last two, and they are alright.
27.05.2013 - 19:06
Au Pays Natal
He is 91 years old today, holy fuck.
27.05.2013 - 20:35
I dunno .. some of the stuff in this preview sounds not too bad

I mean unfortunately the vocals and the music doesnt really fit together but he's 91 ..
30.05.2013 - 02:11
Rating: 6
Black Knight
You guys are way too demanding. You cannot expect a 91 year old guy to pull a Kings of Metal kind of an album. Yeah, the vocals aren't fit for the instrumental, but this album wasn't really intended as a typical metal album, but as a concept based one where the message is more important than the instrumental. Lee's music always revolved more on themes rather than music. It is decent. If you take both performances standalone. But if you take them together, it ain't so great.
30.05.2013 - 13:28
Actually the music is good. If Sir C. can strickly only done the narration and replace his vocal it will at least on par with regular power metal album. Start from The Betrayal, then Devil's Advocate it's all enjoyable.
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01.06.2013 - 23:50
Rating: 6
Secundum Filium
Can't wait to hear it! I just got it on Amazon and I'll make a review of it soon. Christopher Lee is a living god among men with quite a prolific career. Whether or not I listen to this album a lot or not is one thing but it's still quite impressive that someone in his 90s is able to pull something like this off. Got to give Lee major props for that alone.
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