Emerna - Lord Of The Abyss

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Release date: 2012
Style: Black metal


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Disc I
01. Why I Was Jealous About You
02. Misanthropic Unholy Sadness
03. The Reflected Nihilism Is Ours
04. SHeee's Godly Sucking Mouth
05. I Covered the World in Gloom
06. SHeee Was Never the Mightiest
07. I'm Here to Tell You Nothing
08. No Time to Dark Majestic Love
09. The Night You Made Me Snake
10. You Are Dead Is SHeee Was God

Disc II
01. Yes, I'm Wild and Jealous
02. SHeee's THere Dead Forever
03. The Weird Unheard Nihilism
04. True Silent Dying Sathanas
05. Final Sentiment Nonsense
06. When God Rejected Meee
07. Dead Is Dead With Blackmetal
08. Never Mind About Heaven
09. And Nothing's There in Hell
10. Self Destruction Is Not of Satan

Additional info
Previously unreleased album recorded between 2003-2008. Released in 2012 along with all of Emerna's other work.

Disc 1 is "Emptiest Hell", Disc 2 is "Invalid Heaven".

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