Flayed Disciple - Death Hammer

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Release date: 28 May 2012
Style: Thrash metal, Death metal


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01. Intro/Bring Down The Hammer
02. The Westboro Massacre
03. Interceptor
04. Feast In The Forest Of Impaled Bodies
05. Exodus
06. The Shrine Of Dahmer
07. Bleaching in the Sun
08. Torsofucked
09. Ejaculate While Killing
10. Pig

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Wasn't totally aware of such a thing as the "summer blues" til just a week or so ago. Sadly, sweatily, hungoverly, that shit exists. Especially with the two thousand flies in your apartment which have only two purposes of their regrettable existences discernible to you: to buzz directly and repeatedly up to your ears, preventing you from resting said blues out at night, and to make Rockabilia catalogs useful.

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