Celldweller - Take It & Break It Vol 3 Switchback Remixes [Compilation]

Release date: 21 February 2008
Style: Industrial metal, Electronic rock

Disc I
01. Switchback
02. Switchback [Klayton Revision]
03. Switchback [N.Y.C. Asylum Mix By DJ Lee]
04. Switchback [GMS Remix]
05. Switchback [Razorblade Remix By Neuroticfish]
06. Switchback [Drop's Wave Remix]
07. Switchback [A Travelers Dream Mix By Voicians]
08. Switchback [HyperBack Remix By Hyperceptiohm]
09. Switchback [Dead By Dawn Mix By no i'm not]
10. Switchback [Switched Up Dubstep Mix By Sintax]
11. Switchback [Breakbeat Edit By Andrew Maze]
12. Switchback [Circa 00 Remix By The 11 O'clock Band]
13. Switchback [Unfinished Mix By Glitchmachine]
14. Switchback [Deal With The Devil Mix By Red Devil]
15. Switchback [Andy Harding Remix]

Disc II
01. Switchback [Blowout Edit By Skeel]
02. Switchback [Captain Craniums Beefy Ring-Feast By The Magic Puppet]
03. Switchback [Water Spleen Mix By no i'm not]
04. Switchback [Attack Of The Klayborgs Mix By Animattronic]
05. Switchback [11B Opt40 Remix By DIRTY!]
06. Switchback [More Bad Dreams Remix By GooRoo]
07. Switchback [ZikiMoto Remix By Ziki]
08. Switchback [Dramatix Remix By Deprogrammed]
09. Switchback [3F05Q Mix]
10. Switchback [DJ FluorEnzo Mix]
11. Switchback [Ton Of Bricks Remix By Deimateos]
12. Switchback [Trickery Mix By 50eddies]
13. Switchback [FWD RE:Edit By Copy Paste Repeat]
14. Switchback [Solid State Mix By Subunit]
15. Switchback [Deep Trip Remix By Cybernetika]

Disc III
01. Switchback [Last Men Standing Remix]
02. Switchback [Kill-9 Mix By Pulsedaemon]
03. Switchback [Cirque Du Solace Mix By Gibraltur]
04. Switchback [MaxXiantu Edit Mix]
05. Switchback [Massive Mix By Contingence]
06. Switchback [Beyond Repair Mix By Animattronic]
07. Switchback [December Remix]
08. Switchback [Phanton Remix]
09. Switchback [Iberian Vertigo Mix By Pulsedaemon]
10. Switchback [DJ Razor Remix]
11. Switchback [Slow Pain Mix By Project Zero]
12. Switchback [Creative X Remix]
13. Switchback [Elevation & Kenneth Thomas Remix]
14. Switchback [2001]
15. Switchback [Detroit 2000]

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