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Wojczech - Sedimente

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Release date: 1 November 2005
Style: Grindcore, Death metal


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01. Krebskult
02. Superparadigma
03. Wachkoma
04. Graufilter
05. Holzklasse
06. Macht Der Beseelten
07. Kein Gesicht
08. Dogmafalle
09. Tunnel
10. Redeschleife
11. Ietzer Ausgang Opferrolle/Reste Der Vergangenheit

Staff review by
I'll sum things up for you; this album is more than astonishing, it is supremacy turned into music. Selfmadegod records did it again, releasing a great musical piece for all people into Grindcore adorned with other genres such as Punk, Death and even Thrash.

This album is a violent punch in the face; the music is utterly aggressive yet easy on the ear. The great feature within this album is the musical versatility, most tracks obviously have the Grindcore vein, but there are other elements in the album as well; we can hear Thrash approaches in "Dogmafalle", then Old School Death riffs in "Redeschleife", and so on. Every single song has at least one twist, and I really love that feature, the capability of impress the audience is now lost in most bands, so when a band adds the "What The Fuck Was That?" part in a song, you have to give them credit for it .

published 12.11.2005 | Comments (0)

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