Neuropathia - Satan Is A Cunt

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Release date: 2005
Style: Gore grindcore


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01. Freaks On The Loose
02. Satan Is A Cunt
03. Satanists Come From The Woods
04. Burial Ground
05. Bad Boys Go To Hell
06. Anal Journey Of Thomas Superstar
07. Splatter Me Blood Red
08. The Dinner- I Need Meat
09. Clatter In The Coffin
10. Meatman Tale
11. Plan 9 From Outer Space
12. Monster Fever
13. Eat Your Shit
14. Pornstorestiffi
15. Vaginismus
16. Day Of The Dead
17. State Institution For The Mentally Ill
18. Sperminator
19. Ingrowing Agony
20. Disgorging Foetus
21. Mr. Stench's Story
22. Cannibalistic Consumption Of Human Flesh
23. Dis-Organ-Ized
24. Black Breath
25. Birth of Ignorance

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Aren't we all cunts?

I know for a fact that many people think of Grindcore as a genre that takes aggression to the maximum level of brutality. This precept couldn't be more wrong, if Grindcore is brutal per sé, it doesn't have to share the same attributes as, let's say Death Metal. Grindcore is a cultural movement with many variables and many of these variables have nothing to do with Metal.

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