Diary Of Dreams - Alive [Live]

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Release date: 30 September 2005
Style: Darkwave


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01. Menschfeind
02. Reign Of Chaos
03. The Curse
04. Giftraum
05. End Of Flowers
06. Methusalem
07. Chemicals
08. But The Wind Was Stronger
09. Play God!
10. Soul Stripper
11. O' Brother Sleep
12. Traumtänzer
13. AmoK

Additional info
Recorded during the Live Nigredo 05 Tour.

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Diary Of Dreams, I think, don't need special introductions since they consist of one of the best and most personal bands that made their appearance in the gothic scene during the first half of the 90s and keep on releasing inspired albums filled with intense emotions.

"Alive", at last, is their first recorded live document and I strictly believe that every fan of this impressive band should own it. The reasons why are, for sure, many and reasonable. One of those reasons why someone should buy "Alive" is the fact that the sound of this live album is perfect and every instrument can be heard clearly with every member of the band, on that tour, pouring his soul on stage and thus the outcome is fabulous.

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