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Mortal Decay - Cadaver Art

7.5 | 6 votes |
Release date: 20 September 2005
Style: Brutal death metal


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01. Consumption
02. Cadaverous Sculptures Part 1 - Preparing For Display
03. Butcher Knife Phlebotomy
04. The Ravenous Addicted
05. Cadaverous Sculptures Part 2 - Morbid Fixations
06. Untitled
07. Re-Animate
08. Ripped, Chopped, Severed
09. Ruthlessly Scissored
10. Exit Mortality

Staff review by
Devastating and catchy guitar riffs, small and good guitar solos, fast and complex drum-beats, really low bass-lines and dual vocalizations, that's Mortal Decay overall, a Brutal Death Metal Band doing things the right way.

The main vein in this album is of course Brutal Death Metal, but the music is actually versatile in the style, you won't get the usual and boring blast-beats over and over again, fortunately Mortal Decay focuses on creating different types of beats and riffs; a great example is The Ravenous Addiction, this fourth track starts in a really crazy way (kind of melodious actually), a couple of small guitar leads appear in the background creating awesome atmospheres, then all of the sudden the beat changes to faster and then faster and then the song starts crushing your ears in the most painful way; this tune is marvelous, it has sheer brutality in a Beheaded way and catchy melodies in a Malevolent Creation style, it's really marvelous actually; The Ravenous Addiction is, in fact, the best song in this CD.

published 16.12.2005 | Comments (0)

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