Sathanas - Entering The Diabolic Trinity

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Release date: 31 October 2005
Style: Death metal


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01. Intro (Carpe Noctum)
02. Entering The Diabolic Trinity
03. Demonized
04. Descent Of The Holy
05. Unleash The Wolves
06. Under A Black Spell
07. Realm Of Carnage
08. Triumph Of Darkness
09. In The Circle Of Hell
10. Into The Massacre

Staff review by
Sathanas is potentially a really old band, and that's actually very strange because not many people know that name, the good thing though is these musicians keep doing what they used to do 17 years ago, Old School Death metal.

What's the catch? Well, while hearing this album I came across with a couple of songwriting flaws, for example the soloing in the first track; the solo per se is complex and astonishing, but the way they added it to the song sounds random and irregular, it appears that Sathanas did a whole bunch of solos and then loaded the best ones to "X" tune; that's the main reason of the stained songwriting as you can perceive.

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