Dope Stars Inc. - Neuromance

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Release date: 2005
Style: Alternative rock, Industrial rock, EBM


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Disc I
01. 10.000 Watts
02. Infection 13
03. Platinum Girl
04. Make A Star
05. Vyperpunk
06. Generation Plastic
07. Rebel Riot
08. Theta Titanium
09. Self Destuctive Corp.
10. Plug 'N' Die
11. Defcon 5
12. Trance-Former
13. C-Beams

Disc II [bonus]
01. I'm Overdriven [exclusive track]
02. Kiss [Kiss cover]
03. Right Here In My Arms [HIM cover]
04. 10.000 Watts [Funker Vogt remix]
05. Vyperpunk [Deathstars remix]
06. Make A Star [Siderartica version]
07. Self Destructive Corp. [Mortiis remix]
08. 10.000 Watts [Punto Omega remix]
09. Generation Plastic [Carmilla remix]
10. Make A Star [High Level Static remix]
11. 10.000 Watts [Needleye remix]
12. Make A Star [Esoterica remix]
13. Plug 'N' Die [Underwater Pilots remix]
14. Make A Star [Sundealers remix]
15. Platinum Girl [Endraum remix]
16. Infection 13 [DJmO / S. Luzie remix]
17. Generation Plastic [Pilori remix]
18. Vyperpunk [Spiritual Front version]

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Dopestars Inc. hail from Italy and at last they got the chance to release their long-awaited first full-length album by signing a contract with the well-known label Trisol. Before joining the barracks of Trisol they were one of those bands that had everything required to make the next big step in the world of music business, which means image, inspiration and music pleasing to the ear and Trisol was the one to notice that this band can offer a lot and thus Dopestars Inc. signed a good contract and Trisol got another promising act to promote.

published 26.02.2006 | Comments (2)

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