Dream Death - Somnium Excessum

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Release date: 26 February 2013
Style: Doom metal, Death metal, Thrash metal


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01. Feast
02. Them
03. Dystopian Distress Signal
04. Bludgeon
05. You're Gonna Die Up There
06. From Inside The Walls

Brian Lawrence Goodbread - vocals, guitars
Terry Weston - guitars
Mike Smail - drums
Richard Freund - bass

So, what's a mere 26 years between your esteemed, one-and-only album and your come-back-cum-sophomore follow up to it? Not a thing according to Dream Death. Celtic Frost riffing-aplenty, doom and sludge-smudged punk and heavy driven thrashing, not to mention the gravel choked vocals of Brian Lawrence still feeling like having your face scraped against the road after hurtling off a bike at 80mph. This is how to make a return to music in every possible way.

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01.02.2013 - 00:03
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
Wait what... is this actually a thing? Cool.
11.03.2013 - 17:10
Account deleted
Well this is a surprise.
21.03.2013 - 00:34
Account deleted
This is indeed sounding good.
21.03.2013 - 15:17
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
Finally got around to listening to the whole thing. Very impressed. Joe's staff pick sums up everything I have to say about it
14.05.2013 - 11:40
Rating: 7
M C Vice
Sounds like a mix of Venom and (old)Celtic Frost. Would these guys have counted as part of the 1st wave black metal back in their original run?
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14.05.2013 - 11:52
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Written by M C Vice on 14.05.2013 at 11:40

Would these guys have counted as part of the 1st wave black metal back in their original run?

no Even Celtic Frost didn't count as such at the time.
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14.05.2013 - 12:08
This is an interesting combination but I can't get into it..
30.09.2013 - 21:39
Rating: 8
Thrash Talker
Wow..I'm always late fuck me lol this is so good though! Thanks Dream Death for coming back to life.
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05.11.2013 - 10:21
The Psilosopher
10 Seconds in and already doomy death as hell.

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