Tao Menizoo - Journey Through A Devastated Mind

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Release date: 5 September 2012
Style: Alternative metal


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01. Wreckage
02. What If
03. Your Weakness
04. Released
05. Celebration Day
06. The Lie Within
07. My Shroud, My Scars
08. Messiah
09. My Last Resort
10. So Tired
11. Emotional Control

Additional info
Once again, this is a full DIY album : produced, recorded, edited and mixed by the band in its own project-studio.

The mastering has been done by Brett Caldas-Lima (Kalisia, Devin Townsend Project, Cynic,) at Tower Studio. Cover photography by Eric Honeycutt.

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Uncomfortable and abrasive is the new effort from French industrial thrashers Tao Menizoo. The Journey Through A Devastated Mind is by no means an easy one, it's torturous in fact.

What the band seem keen to do is throw everything they have at you and by this I do really mean everything. Hints of numerous metal subgenres are utilised in this primarily hardcore driven assault on the senses. A very unconventional industrialised thrash is buried within, covered in a coat of garish bits of groove and even stoner. A black metal-like stride in "Your Weakness" is brought forth by tempo, drum and guitar work characteristic of the genre but made anew into something barely distinguishable. As a point of contrast "Messiah" is a rapid propulsion of groove thrash not too distant to Machine Head material. All this sampling of various genres as well as brief piano passages and echoed guitar lines surrounding random spoken interludes advising you about your emotional state make for an extremely chaotic listening experience.

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