Masterplan - Novum Initium

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Release date: 14 June 2013
Style: Power metal


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01. Per Aspera Ad Astra
02. The Game
03. Keep Your Dream Alive
04. Black Night Of Magic
05. Betrayal
06. No Escape
07. Pray On My Soul
08. Earth Is Going Down
09. Return From Avalon
10. Through Your Eyes
11. Novum Initium
12. 1492 [digipack bonus]
13. Fear The Silence [digipack bonus]

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28.04.2013 - 22:56
Nemo Atkins
Having checked out Rick Altzi singing, I think my hopes have actually gone up for this album. I was originally VERY skeptical about him, as I was very fond of Jorn's voice, found DeMeo didn't really do a good enough job at replacing him and didn't like the Thunderstone track someone threw around back when he first joined the band, but I was pleasantly surprised after hearing him in At Vance. He's not Jorn, but I think he's going to feel more at home with Masterplan than DeMeo was and I can't wait to see what he brings to the table with Masterplan.
18.06.2013 - 20:48
Mountain King
K i K o
I don't like his voice. It's an okay album, didn't find anything I like so much...
22.07.2013 - 16:24
Rating: 7
7.5 rating for this album?? Ok i wouldn't have given much higher myself, but this album surely kicks the previous ones ass, big time. Don't get me wrong, i'm a fan of Jorn, but Time to be King was a disaster. This album is much better, i am not impressed by the vocals though.
08.08.2013 - 17:47
Rating: 5
I've always liked Masterplan, but this was just lackluster. Annoying vocals as well! MK II was far superior and filled with life.
11.11.2013 - 20:37
The Psilosopher
Not bad but waaaay too generic.
24.12.2013 - 21:11
Rating: 8
Mehdi Taba
Mehdi Taba
Definitely weakest Masterplan album 'til now.

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