Altar Of Plagues - Teethed Glory & Injury

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Release date: 30 April 2013
Style: Black metal, Post-metal


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01. Mills
02. God Alone
03. A Body Shrouded
04. Burnt Year
05. A Remedy And A Fever
06. Twelve Was Ruin
07. Scald Scar Of Water
08. Found, Oval And Final
09. Reflection Pulse Remains

James Kelly - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Johnny King - drums
Dave Condon - bass, vocals

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano.

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1. (Music / Pop Music) a piece of music that is initially unimpressive but becomes more enjoyable after further hearings

After listening to this for half a year I cannot remember a release making such an abrupt 180 degree turn for the better like Altar Of Plagues final album Teethed Glory & Injury. I have dabbled in post-black metal before but my black metal has to be the "light" variety because music tagged with "black" is met with cynicism and hesitation. Alcest and Fen have helped me overcome some of my fears and now Altar Of Plagues can take its place along their side because of consummate use of post-metal guitar textures and arrangements, calm and tranquil yet dark and thick ambient interludes and peerless even flow on a post-metal record.

published 03.12.2013 | Comments (8)

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09.03.2014 - 21:42
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Written by Pierre Tombale on 09.03.2014 at 20:13

Flowless, full of noise, repetitive in a lacking of ideas and by far inferior to all their previous releases.

Not to tear you apart, but if anything their old albums were lacking in ideas. I love both but their previous albums are pretty run of the mill (even if they are very well put together). The noise adds depth in my opinion as well. To each his own though.
forever bummed out
10.03.2014 - 15:46
Rating: 4
Pierre Tombale
I doubt that would tear me apart. I can agree to disagree.
17.01.2015 - 03:48
Almost two years after the release this album keeps growing on me every time i listen it, i think that people cant really see that this is a very special album. Very very good, I love it.
08.02.2015 - 05:36
Rating: 9
Stamp Tramp
So late to this group, but the battering ram of Malthusian brought me here. Better late than never. This makes all those dreary, dull groups like Drudkh look like a pile of shit. Best fusion of post metal and black metal I have ever heard.
Daily underground metal recommendations at Metal Trenches.
26.02.2015 - 23:57
Rating: 9
Stamp Tramp
Spot on review from Mr. Fantano:

Daily underground metal recommendations at Metal Trenches.
01.06.2015 - 06:01
Joe Zombie
I love the direction they took on this album. Too bad they split up after releasing such an amazing piece of work; I'd like to hear more black metal in this style. Mechanical, harrowing, and oozing with creativity.

Also, the cover art is fucking perfect.
01.06.2015 - 11:56
Rating: 10
God Alone
Two years already? ...But it's still one of the most frightening and overwhelming sonic experiences I've ever been through. I doubt its status will change with time.
22.07.2015 - 14:04
I'm not sure if I'm giving this a 6 for the music or for seeing Needledrop's face
09.01.2016 - 19:48
Rating: 8
The Nothingth
Glad these guys got at least one good album out before they quit.
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
09.01.2016 - 23:43
Rating: 10
News Man
I like them all, but this one's indeed the best. The electronic experimentation proved to be a hit.
21.07.2016 - 19:22
Rating: 10
I insanely love this masterpiece. it's not just BM (pure) as it has mentioned in MS, but more than that.i mean there is other genres influence; genres like Electronic and Post-Metal.and it's interesting for me that in some parts vocal reminds me of A Forest Of Stars vocal.

the only thing i don't like about the album is the cover and the video they have made for 'God Alone".
21.07.2016 - 20:44
Rating: 10
News Man
Written by Roxana.M on 21.07.2016 at 19:22

it's not just BM (pure) as it has mentioned in MS, but more than that.

Indeed, someone should change the band's tag to Post-Black...

Edit: Nevermind.

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