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Release date: 25 November 2013
Style: Death metal


7.8 | 135 votes


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01. In The Minds Of Evil
02. Thou Begone
03. Godkill
04. Beyond Salvation
05. Misery Of One
06. Between The Flesh And The Void
07. Even The Gods Can Bleed
08. Trample The Cross
09. Fallen To Silence
10. Kill The Light Of Christ
11. End The Wrath Of God

Lyrics (11)

Jack Owen - guitars
Kevin Quirion - guitars
Steve Asheim - drums
Glen Benton - bass, vocals

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Big-Al - 30.08.2013 at 07:51  
Rating: 10 Best line up Deicide has ever had.
6morbid6angel6 - 03.09.2013 at 03:59  
  Fuck yeah, they'll be back soon!
nille - 24.09.2013 at 21:33  
  My God. /
The album's release could be the best news for all fans of death metal music ever
The second I listen to this album....
Deicide always a big fan of death metal
Deicide is the real meaning of a death metal ...
It will be a good album .... I am sure
The album cover is unique.
Thanks for Deicide
Dentura - 01.10.2013 at 01:08  
Rating: 8 This comes out 2 days after my birthday! I love the album cover, never really seen anything quite like it before. Should make a great late birthday present, loved their last album quite a bit, looking forward to this latest slice of blasphemy from Benton and Co.
Captain Cumbeard - 09.11.2013 at 12:28  
Rating: 6
Written by nille on 24.09.2013 at 21:33

Deicide is the real meaning of a death metal ...

Yeah... How about no?
BenWasHere - 18.11.2013 at 07:18  
Rating: 8 This album is so much better than their last two
bblitz - 18.11.2013 at 21:17  
Written by Big-Al on 30.08.2013 at 07:51

Best line up Deicide has ever had.

Yes,agreed.Awesome line up,Jack Owen especially.Too bad for Ralph Santolla though.
Himedal - 19.11.2013 at 19:49  
Rating: 8 I'm not very much into death metal but I enjoy this album. I give it an 8. well played.
Rulatore - 20.11.2013 at 01:17  
Rating: 6 Is it me or is this just average ?
Troy Killjoy - 20.11.2013 at 01:58  
Written by Rulatore on 20.11.2013 at 01:17
Is it me or is this just average ?

I've found Deicide to be average a lot as of late. With the exception of The Stench of Redemption, their post-2000 albums have all been pretty average, "paint by numbers" kind of death metal.
Tatras - 25.11.2013 at 09:12  
Rating: 4 Its so boring. Some random songwriting, no fire and insanity, but almost generic soulless death metal.
RattleSnake - 25.11.2013 at 10:26  
Rating: 9 AWESOME ALBUM .. WELL DONE ... !!! Much more better then last two albums !!!
fosi - 25.11.2013 at 20:44  
Rating: 9 Agree with RattleSnake...fantastic album!!!
beerweed - 26.11.2013 at 15:59  
Rating: 10 Great album !!!!!!!!
Daniell - 26.11.2013 at 16:12  
Rating: 6 Meh.
Marcel Hubregtse - 26.11.2013 at 16:20  
  It's quite good for Deicide standards, but then again that is not saying much.
Troy Killjoy - 26.11.2013 at 16:24  
  I'm going to listen to this and I don't know why.
atrox - 27.11.2013 at 13:21  
Rating: 8 Good, but nothing really special.
AtrumHiberna - 01.12.2013 at 16:12  
  I like it. It's nothing groundbreaking nor I have been impressed, but I really enjoyed it.
The sound of the guitars is different, I didn't like it at first.
I think as a whole it's on the same level with To Hell With God, or maybe a little better
musicalkaratekid - 02.12.2013 at 14:25  
Rating: 6 As a fan of Deicide, I will give this a 6. If that wasn't the case, I'd be rating this a little lower. To be honest, I don't think this band are ever going to beat the quality of "The stench of redemption", but that doesn't justify why "In the minds of evil" is rather average at best. I mean, the first half is instrumentally great and consistent, but because of the fact that the second half is so, well, stagnant, it seems like the band have taken a step back even further than they did on "To Hell with God". That said, the guitar work on the title track and 'Between the flesh and the void' is brilliantly executed, but unfortunately that's about it for me. Like I say, the only reason this is at a 6 is because I truly do like the band, and not even the second half here is enough to stop me from listening to this album again in the possible future.
Skl3ros - 03.12.2013 at 14:07  
Rating: 7 First album I've listened from this band so I don't know about their history but this album is really very mediocre. There are a few enjoyable moments but the 2 times I listened to this album I always forgot about it fairly quickly.

edit: changed opinion, see later post.
Cynic Metalhead - 03.12.2013 at 20:01  
Rating: 6 If this album has to justify Deicide's standard, I think it sunk to bottom of sewer. Sorry.

Terrible release.
Dentura - 04.12.2013 at 03:54  
Rating: 8 I think I need to give it some more listens in order to give it my final verdict. I'll still buy it for my collection, but I'm not sure if it will beat "To Hell With God" quite yet, since I greatly enjoyed that album when it first came out.
DeathSlyzer - 05.12.2013 at 01:42  
  I really liked this album. I don't listen to a lot of death metal normally, and that might affect my opinion a lot here. I find this to be a great death metal record, the best of the year in fact, but then again, that isn't really saying much, seeing as this is the only death metal album I've cared for enough to listen to this year. I don't know why, but I've always found Deicide to be more interesting than a lot of other death metal bands I've heard. But every genre has it's stand out bands, and I guess Deicide just works for me.
Dentura - 05.12.2013 at 23:53  
Rating: 8 Ok, I just picked up the CD and have given it a listen and I think It's a good, solid release. I don't think it's nearly as good or as intense as the last album, but the production is definitely a lot more refined (maybe that's why idk lol) and there is less clipping present. With repeated listens I notice new things that I really like going back through. Good job to Benton and Co.
Skl3ros - 06.12.2013 at 01:20  
Rating: 7 Well I guess I have to correct myself here. Dunno what I was thinking when I rated this only after 2 spins. Probably didn't even pay attention to it when listening... :/ Sorry for that.
I'll change my rating from 6 to a solid 7.
Most of the tracks aren't all that mediocre after a few more listens and "Godkill", "Between The Flesh And The Void" and "End The Wrath Of God" are defenitely above average.
Also most of the solos are really enjoyable.
Sean 79 - 06.12.2013 at 13:20  
  Really enjoying this. Definitely my favourite since Serpents....
Warman - 06.12.2013 at 13:56  
Rating: 8 It's heavy, still damn catchy. This is why I like Deicide.
Himedal - 09.12.2013 at 20:08  
Rating: 8 Quite good. some tracks are boring but some are very good like Godkill.
Jtbmetal123 - 22.01.2014 at 14:11  
Rating: 9 I honestly enjoyed this album. Catchy riffs and insane drum fills with brutal vocals. A solid release from these guys.
roslisley - 23.01.2014 at 10:40  
Rating: 9 Good sound...:banger:
Deadmeat - 29.03.2014 at 18:12  
Rating: 7 Bad.... 3rd album and they are so far away now from the awesome sound and music of THE STENCH OF REDEMPTION... sad...
Rsrdaman - 06.11.2014 at 03:30  
Rating: 8 Originally rated this a weak 7, after hearing these guys completely annihilate live with the opening track, gotta rate this album an 8. It gets better with more listens, really love all the riffs they threw into this release.

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