Dethklok - The Doomstar Requiem - A Klok Opera

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Release date: 28 October 2013
Style: Melodic death metal


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01. The Birth / Fata Sidus Oritur / One Of Us Must Die
02. Magnus And The Assassin
03. Partying Around The World
04. Tracking / Ishnifus And The Challenge
05. How Can I Be A Hero?
06. The Fans Are Chatting
07. Abigail's Lullaby
08. Some Time Ago...
09. The Duel
10. I Believe
11. A Traitor Amongst Them
12. Training / Do It All For My Brother
13. Before You Go
14. The Answer Is In Your Past
15. The Depths Of Humanity
16. Givin' Back To You
17. En Antris Et Stella Fatum Cruenti
18. The Crossroads
19. Morte Lumina
20. Blazing Star
21. The Doomstar Orchestra

Brendon Small - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Gene Hoglan - drums
Bryan Beller - bass, backing vocals

Session musicians
Mike Keneally - vocals

Guest musicians
Raya Yarbrough - vocals
Jack Black - vocals
Mark Hamill - vocals
Victor Brandt - vocals
George Fisher - vocals
Malcolm McDowell - vocals
Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner - bass

Staff review by
I must preface this review with a warning: if you have not watched the "Metalocalypse" series, and are therefore unfamiliar with the story of Dethklok, then nothing in this album will make any sense whatsoever. That is one of the quirks of this release; it is not a conventional studio album, but the soundtrack to a musical continuation of a running storyline.

published 01.12.2013 | Comments (16)

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29.10.2013 - 16:36
Rating: 8
Metal slave
Pretty damn does lack "real" songs, tho. MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE MOVIE, FIRST!
30.10.2013 - 20:03
Account deleted
Well, it's hard to rate this..album? Ofc. it's Dethklok - parody for most of metal bands that exists in cartoon, but damn - when cartoon become OPERA, it mean, that it become more great and...serious?
Anyway - this is great:D It's still Dethklok, but more symphonic and more crazy and funny!
09.12.2013 - 04:49
Rating: 4
As someone who has been watching this show since pretty much the beginning, I must say I was sorely disappointed with this. It lacked in comedy, metal, and gore/violence. The three things I pretty much watch the show for. I'm not a big fan of musicals, especially not comedy styled ones. The music isn't good because of the humour, and the humour isn't funny because of the music. I was shocked with the lack of metal within the show (yes, I understand none of it is real KVLT metal like most of this site loves, but I'm talking about simple aggressive music.. not even that wasn't present). The highlight for me was probably the 30 seconds or so of singing that Corpsegrinder gets. The music isn't necessarily bad, but its most certainly not metal, with the exception of maybe Corpsegrinders song and the last ending song... Which were still pretty poor, even for metalocalypse standards. The thing I enjoyed the most out of the story was the fact that they revealed more of Toki's back-story and history with the band. I see a lot of praise for this show which I understood, sure it's not great or even good metal, but it was a cartoon which tried to be funny and was based around metal. This 'Klok Opera' didn't manage to do any of those things for me because it couldn't focus on one aspect enough to get it right. I wouldn't suggest paying money for it or to see it, but its worth a watch I suppose if you're bored and looking for something... different...
23.12.2013 - 14:24
Rating: 9
This is an interesting one. Plenty of the trademark Dethklok silliness in keeping with the show. But, as with the band's other albums, once you move beyond that, there's lots of good music tucked away. Brendan Small does seem to know what he's doing, its a shame he insists on the particular tone, though it is more a pastiche on the metal audience and mentality. I guess he can't be faulted on that.
27.08.2015 - 20:07
Rating: 9
The Norseman
Amazing metal opera. Brendon is a fking genious. You can feel so many influences over this whole masterpiece. I wish there were more metal operas like this.

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