Alaskan - Despair, Erosion, Loss

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Release date: 28 February 2014
Style: Sludge metal


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01. Sacrifice
02. Fiend
03. Inferno
04. Submerged
05. Guiltless
06. Eternal

Staff review by
Boxcar Willy
Post-metal or whatever has been around for much longer than I thought. Seeing reviews and listening to albums from over a decade ago opened my eyes to a genre I once thought was a modern trend, much like the rise of "blackgaze". After finding this out, and listening to Alaskan's new sophomore album, Despair, Erosion, Loss, I've learned that even with existing for over 10 years, this genre still isn't dull or stagnant.

published 24.01.2014 | Comments (7)

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18.01.2014 - 17:41
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook

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From: Canada

Okay this is really good and you all should listen to it.
forever bummed out
18.01.2014 - 18:12
proofread free

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From: Syria

Written by Boxcar Willy on 18.01.2014 at 17:41

Okay this is really good and you all should listen to it.

It's out already ?! Nice!
He who is not bold enough
to be stared at from across the abyss
is not bold enough
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18.01.2014 - 21:27

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From: USA

It is nice, another good sludge album by Alaska. so nice it's Name your Price.
20.01.2014 - 00:49
Rating: 7

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From: Canada

Been listening to a lot of sludge / post albums lately, so I'm starting to get that same shit syndrome from several bands, but this was quite good.
07.03.2014 - 02:56
Rating: 7
Au Pays Natal

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From: USA

Written by Chobo_jokeR on 20.01.2014 at 00:49

so I'm starting to get that same shit syndrome from several bands

BitterCold calles it "SSDB" - short for "Same Shit Different Band" - and it's a perfect description. Post is my favorite genre, as you know, and when I put suggestions here I try to make sure the band/album stands out. It's really hard now, innovation and originality is getting hard to find but on the same token if a band does it well, even if it's copied/cloned, that's ok too. Here are 2 suggestions. One is very original and the other is an Isis clone but done extremely well.

Vaura - The Missing
From Beneath Billows - Monolith
05.08.2015 - 04:18
Rating: 7

Posts: 804
From: Sweden

This is unfortunately a major step-down from their previous works. This is kind of generic, whereas their EP and debut are much more interesting.

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