Jenx - Enuma Elish

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Release date: 11 May 2012
Style: Industrial metal


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01. The Flood
02. Burning Pride
03. Chains Of Labor
04. RFID
05. Nibiru
06. Enuma Elish
07. The Loss
08. Blood Obsession
09. The Ordeal
10. Sycamore Part I
11. Sycamore Part II

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(Klonosphere/Season of Mist)

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Darkside Momo
Not really a new band, French industrial metallers Jenx only released their second album in 2012. And this Enuma Elish shows that they have matured a lot, really, since the days of the Unusual EP...

Quite reminiscent of early Oomph! - you know, when they were still metal - and maybe some Nine Inch Nails too, Jenx do have their own flavor and personality nonetheless. They have great riffs ("Burning Pride", "Chains Of Labor"...) enhanced by electro glitches and, most of all, by that seriouly pounding, groovy, almost tribal at times, drumming - definitely a highlight of theirs.

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