Wolves In The Throne Room - Celestite

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Release date: 8 July 2014
Style: Dark ambient , Drone


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01. Turning Ever Towards The Sun
02. Initiation At Neudeg Alm
03. Bridge Of Leaves
04. Celestite Mirror
05. Sleeping Golden Storm

The Best Ambient / Drone Album Of 2014

Nathan Weaver - guitars, synthesizers
Aaron Weaver - guitars, synthesizers

Additional musicians:
Randall Dunn - synthesizers
Timm Mason - serge modular
Steve Moore - French horn, trombone
Josiah Boothby - French horn, trombone
Mara Winter - flute
Veronica Dye - flute

Additional info
Produced by Randall Dunn and Wolves In The Throne Room.

Staff review by
Wolves In The Throne Room. That name quite clearly means different things to different people. Upon the announcement that the band's fifth album would have no vocals or drums, and instead be more of an instrumental ambient album, a polarization of sorts occurred among the WITTR fanbase. Many were excited about the idea, but a good percent of others lamented the loss of the band's black metal personality that was to come. I happily planted myself in the former camp, and I'm very delighted to say that the Weaver brothers have exceeded my expectations with Celestite.

published 24.06.2014 | Comments (28)

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20.07.2014 - 18:38
Rating: 6
Written by Troy Killjoy on 17.07.2014 at 09:12

Written by infernaldeath87 on 17.07.2014 at 06:57
...the ambience thing just seems like it's too overboard, it's such a drastic departure of sound my opinion.

Too overboard? The whole point of the album is ambiance. I'm not arguing that you have to like it or anything, like I get that tastes differ, but you're basically saying you don't like an ambient album because it's too ambient.

Also a little confused about the latter portion of your comment. It's obviously a drastic departure of sound - they said it would be, and set out to create something unlike anything they've released previously. If you weren't keeping up with the information being revealed about this while it was being recorded then I could understand your surprise, but it's not like this was some well-kept secret designed to shock their fans.

Well if it's any consolation, I WAS shocked and surprised because when I bought the album from iTunes after it was released since I was going in expecting their routine atmospheric black metal sound and it's not the fact that I don't like that it was too ambient, I don't like the album because it IS ambient. Not any knock on ambient music, it was just very off-putting and disappointing for me considering that Celestial Lineage was one of my favorite releases of 2011. I'm just a fan of the atmospheric black metal WITTR, not the ambient one, that's all I'm saying.
27.07.2014 - 20:04
Troy Killjoy
I give up on trying to like this. It just isn't gonna happen. Maybe in like a year or two I'll come back and see if my opinion changes, but I doubt it will.

Decent music to fall asleep to though.
Prettier than BloodTears.
20.08.2014 - 15:47
Brb going to sleep.
29.08.2014 - 21:46
Rating: 6
Erik M.
Hmmm, I'm surprised some people love this album. I gave it a few spins and then lost interest in it. By far WITTR's weakest, least interesting album, though I wouldn't call it bad by any means. Kind of agree with Troy here. I like ambient, but more when it's combined with metal (preferably doom or BM), not a purely ambient album like this one. Might check it out one more time, but in the mean time I'll continue to listen to the first two WITTR albums, which are both highly superior to this one.
30.08.2014 - 17:06
Mr. Doctor
Written by Erik M. on 29.08.2014 at 21:46
Hmmm, I'm surprised some people love this album.

Not really. I know plenty of people here are fans of pure ambient music and within the genre this is rich stuff. I'm not surprised you didn't like it. You certainly don't strike me as someone who listens to pure ambient albums.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29
Like you could kiss my ass
Written by Milena on 20.06.2012 at 10:49
Rod, let me love you.
30.08.2014 - 21:17
Rating: 6
Erik M.
Written by Mr. Doctor on 30.08.2014 at 17:06

Not really. I know plenty of people here are fans of pure ambient music and within the genre this is rich stuff. I'm not surprised you didn't like it. You certainly don't strike me as someone who listens to pure ambient albums.

As I said, I enjoyed this, but more as background music, like Troy said. I surely like ambient music but indeed not when it's purely ambient. When combined with metal I love in a lot of cases.
02.09.2014 - 23:32
Rating: 8
I love this album despite not rating it 9 or 10. There's something very mysterious yet creepy about it, it's not the sort of thing I listen to as a metal album, I don't really consider this to be like anything else on MS. But it's still awesome in its own way.
12.09.2014 - 00:31
Rating: 9
Angry Chair
Brilliant album, As a fan of the band Tangerine Dream this album was "right up my ally".
"Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest."
- Denis Diderot
21.09.2014 - 19:39
Rating: 8
The Nothingth
To my surprise I found myself enjoying this quite a bit. I'm generally not a fan of ambient (without metal) music, but then again, I never spent a lot of time listening to it.
The road is long, and the road is hard, and many fall by the side.

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