Narrow House - Thanathonaut

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Release date: 19 May 2014
Style: Doom metal


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01. Crossroads
02. The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life
03. Furious Thoughts Of Tranquility
04. The Midwife To Sorrows
05. Thanathonaut
06. A Sad Scream Of Silver
07. Crushing The Old Empire
08. The Last Retreat
09. Doom Over Valiria
10. Возрождение [Virgin Black cover]

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Album artwork by Christophe Dessaigne

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I've wrestled with this review for quite some time now, sort of dreading typing it up. The biggest reason for this is Narrow House is another of those more "extreme" doom bands that has migrated into far less harsh territory. In and of itself, that isn't a bad thing. See also - Ahab, Process Of Guilt.

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30.05.2014 - 19:38
Rating: 9
Ag Fox
Angel No More
What a surprise! (in a nice way)
very different from their previous funeral doom effort
loves 小巫
31.05.2014 - 14:40
Limited edition of the album is available from the band:

More info can be found here.
09.06.2014 - 22:23
Rating: 7
Really enjoyed the album. Enjoyed their last, knew significant change was coming, but not as drastic as I thought. Will rate and pound out proper words after a few more listens.
get the fuck off my lawn.
10.06.2014 - 06:12
Rating: 9
Ag Fox
Angel No More
I have the track "The Midwife To Sorrows" on loop in my mind
loves 小巫
10.06.2014 - 14:45
Doom Knight
Completely different to A Key To Panngrieb but equally as fantastic. Will be picking up that Limited CD for sure.
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11.06.2014 - 18:53
Inner Metal Cage
My first impression after a couple of tracks:

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14.02.2015 - 21:27
Erik M.
Written by Ag Fox on 30.05.2014 at 19:38

very different from their previous funeral doom effort

Yeah, because this is totally not funeral doom in any way.

Not sure what to call this as I'm only checking it out now, but so far I'd call it melodic doom. I'm liking it a lot so far, in any case. Sounds pretty unique for a doom band.
14.02.2015 - 21:32
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
What an immense disappointment this was. An enormous step down from their previous one.
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18.02.2015 - 02:30
Rating: 8
This was a really good listen. I wasn't expecting that last track to be a Virgin Black cover, I thought it was a funny coincidence at first

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