Helloween - Chameleon

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Release date: 1993
Style: Power metal


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Disc I
01. First Time
02. When The Sinner
03. I Don't Wanna Cry No More
04. Crazy Cat
05. Giants
06. Windmill
07. Revolution Now
08. In The Night
09. Music
10. Step Out Of Hell
11. I Believe
12. Longing

Disc II [2006 Expanded Edition]
01. I Don't Care You Don't Care
02. Oriental Journey
03. Cut In The Middle
04. Introduction
05. Get Me Out Of Here
06. Red Socks And The Smell Of Trees
07. Ain't Got Nothin' Better
08. Windmill [demo] [Previously Unreleased]

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I got this album as a Christmas gift some years ago. I used to listen to Helloween with my friend and this was the only album we hadn't heard. He paid something equal to 8 dollars (the backside said 30 $m imported from the U.S) which says pretty much about what people think about this album. At first I didn't like it at all because it was not metal enough of course. People seem to look at this album as Helloweens "Risk" or "St. Anger" and they all think it's to much pop/rock and not enough metal. I absolutely disagree, and especially nowadays when I've started to be more open minded with music. In my opinion, Helloween does this kinda music great and much better than most other bands. The daring to do something different - and succeeding (that's what I think) is so unique for power metal bands, Hammerfall for example wouldn't want and wouldn't be able to create something like this.

published 10.12.2006 | Comments (40)

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28.02.2013 - 19:25
Rating: 6
The Shape 1973
Listening to it now. First time in twenty years and on cassette too. Not as bad as I remember so far. Not very metal so far though. Will get back to you when I've finished.

EDIT. Sounds like a mix between Aerosmith and Helloween. Kiske's voice sounds a bit forced in places, which is a surprize.

EDIT. Holy shit Windmill.

EDIT. Its not getting better.

EDIT. I Believe is an amazing track, was not expecting such a good track on such a poor album.
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26.10.2013 - 20:10
Rating: 8
I'm enjoying the hell out of this album.
26.10.2013 - 20:58
Garbage. And what a letdown it was back then in 1993.
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24.06.2016 - 13:27
Rating: 8
Mountain King
K i K o
Not sure I would call this a bad album. A bad album is an album that you can't listen to. I think people get persuaded with the opinion of the general public.

I would put this album almost on par with the previous one (PBGA). I Believe, Music, When The Sinner, Longing are excellent tracks. Kiske sounds great. Okay I understand there are no double bass speed/power metal anthems bla bla which is the only missing thing for a Helloween fan. Otherwise, musically and vocally the album is not bad at all. Production is great, solos are good, more chill and bluesy and so forth. Give it a chance as the last of Kiske's epic era.
13.07.2016 - 22:18
Rating: 6
This one got a pretty nasty reputation and I do understand why. There are good things here but the stuff that is bad is so bad that you never want to hear it again. The first three tracks are just utter garbage, sure First Time has a heavy nice intro riff but when the chorus kicks in it sounds like a daycare song. So very wrong. Revolution Now is 8 minutes pure boredom, it doesn't in any way justifies it's length and don't get me started on In The Night and Windmill (oh my...). As for the rest it's not that bad. Crazy Cat, I actually like this one, it got some messed up lyrics but that horn section is very well implemented in the music. Giants with it's pounding guitar and excellent chorus is a huge Helloween favourite of mine. The last four tracks are also all pretty nice listen, especially Music (not the lyrics though) is very enjoyable and relaxing (again with a horn section that works really well). All in all not a total disaster, delete songs 1-3 and 6-8 and you got yourself a nice 35 minute long album.
15.01.2017 - 04:08
Bad English
What a boring one, but same time it has some catchy parts
fits in pop scene
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24.04.2017 - 14:01
Rating: 6
Old Nick
Pretty average and "soft". Half of it has good songs, the other half is quite boring. Kiske is saving it really from being considered pretty bad, this guy's voice is just out of this world.
29.06.2017 - 02:22
Rating: 6
The term "top heavy" is often used when describing inconsistent albums, but I think the best way I can describe "Chameleon" is that it's actually BOTTOM heavy. Opening track "First Time" is a fun enough listen, but the rest of the first half is what seriously drags the quality of this album down for me. Yet there's a steady ascent in quality once "In the Night" begins, which is written seemingly from the heart and actually doesn't render the-then Helloween as a passing joke. It gets even better with "Music", which is a questionable attempt at doing some form of progressive rock, albeit with Helloween's very tongue-in-cheek spin on things. And "I Believe", whilst its venture into power ballad territory probably made the "Keeper of the Seven Keys" enthusiasts vomit with disgust back when this album was first release, is quite soothing in all the right ways.

I guess what I'm saying here is that "Chameleon", as opposed to being a poor album, is instead inconsistent and quite the mixed bag. Half the album succeeds on many levels, whereas the other half falls flat with little effort. I guess the album just had to stand the test of time though, because I now realize many longtime fans of Helloween are giving it a second chance and enjoying it for once. Also, this album is too long for its own good.

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