Gorgoroth - Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam

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Release date: 19 June 2006
Style: Black metal


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01. Wound Upon Wound
02. Carving A Giant
03. God Seed (Twilight Of The Idols)
04. Sign Of An Open Eye
05. White Seed
06. Exit
07. Untamed Forces
08. Prosperity And Beauty

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Ah, there we have it, another release of one of my favourite bands ever. The reason why Gorgoroth holds such a high position in my musical taste lies much more because of what they have done before the year 2000, as "Incipit Satan" which was a sort of a turning point for them. That album, and the one that came after were, in truth, not bad, but certainly not what I wanted in Gorgoroth. Yes, it was still brutal, it was still pretty damn hardcore but it sort of lost that atmosphere, that whole evil, morbid feeling that was ever so prominent on earlier stuff. AD Majorem Sathanas Gloriam is, unfortunately, still on that path.

published 15.05.2009 | Comments (6)

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26.03.2010 - 03:38
Rating: 10
Amazing. This is the album that got me into black metal. I put it on when I was really really really pissed off on a train, and I was completely blown away by the angular, mesmerizing, dirty hypnotism of bright lights of darkness, beautifully transparent and scathing chord progressions... I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get into Black Metal. It's not about listening to every beat, it's about the broader canvas... Don't look at the brush strokes.
"Nothing is Real. Everything is Permitted."
26.03.2010 - 12:05
I like Black Metal but, Gorgoroth? No thanks.

Imo, this joke of a band just plain sucks and never released anything worthy.
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03.10.2011 - 21:39
Rating: 9
Gorgoroth might be a poserish pseudo-satanist band, but the thing that makes them stand out from the unending source of pure shit, black metal, is that they're music is actually pretty damn good. This is one catchy album, but it manages to do that without just playing those same Norwegian riffs that have been heard for countless of times already. Most of black metal, well most of all music, is quite boring and unoriginal, but somehow Gorgoroth manages to shine as a pearl in the mud. Also, Gaahl's vocals are so much better than most of the singing that is heard in this particular genre. He doesn't over-do his parts, which gradually decreases the ridiculousness that is usually present in black metal.
28.11.2011 - 21:30
Rating: 10
Modern black metal perfection
28.11.2011 - 21:37
Troy Killjoy
Wow, Gorgoroth being referred to as perfect.

Not sure what to make of that. :/
Prettier than BloodTears.
03.05.2013 - 02:28
Rating: 9
The first black metal album i ever got into, has a special place in my heart. Gaahl sounds awesome on this.
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