Nanowar Of Steel - Stairway To Valhalla

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Release date: 9 November 2018
Style: Heavy metal, Power metal


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01. Declination (Intro)
02. Barbie, MILF Princess Of The Twilight
03. The Call Of Cthulhu
04. Heavy Metal Kibbles
05. Il Maestro Myagi Di Pino (Interlude)
06. L'Opelatole Ecologico
07. Images And Swords (Interlude)
08. In The Sky
09. ...And Then I Noticed That She Was A Gargoyle
10. Tooth Fairy
11. Vegan Velociraptor
12. Another Drill In The Wall (Interlude)
13. Ironmonger (The Copier Of The Seven Keys)
14. Bum Voyage (Interlude)
15. Uranus
16. The Crown And The Onion Ring (Interlude)
17. The Quest For Carrefour
18. Hail To Liechtenstein


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11.12.2018 - 09:04
Rating: 7
I like the main singer, but the other vocals are not good enough.
They are ok during the many voices chorus, but when they sing solo something is wrong.
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12.12.2018 - 00:29
The Shape 1973
Can't stop listening to Barbie, MILF Princess Of The Twilight on Youtube. Probably going to be better than the new fake Rhapsody Of Fire album.
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12.12.2018 - 01:55
Rating: 8
Great album! Full of great riffs, nice melodies and surprising moments making me baffled and amused. Good orchestrated and played with full speed and heavy enough to satisfy my lust for metal. I can't stop laughing and headbanging Same happened to me long time ago when S.O.D. released Speak English or Die. Nowadays bands are very serious and very rarely even try to make music jokes. Except Nanowar. Full respect to them! Listening to Stairway to Valhalla I feel like in Terry Pratchett world... full of funny absurdities. Come on guys I cannot understand why anyone could give this album 1 or 2. Maybe it's not a metal masterpiece but is it really worst than actually produced other speed/power metal albums? I rate 8 for Stairway To Valhalla. And going back to listening... Copier of the Seven Keys
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