Blind Guardian - Legacy Of The Dark Lands

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Release date: 8 November 2019
Style: Orchestral


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01. 1618 Ouverture
02. The Gathering
03. War Feeds War
04. Comets And Prophecies
05. Dark Cloud's Rising
06. The Ritual
07. In The Underworld
08. A Secret Society
09. The Great Ordeal
10. Bez
11. In The Red Dwarf's Tower
12. Into The Battle
13. Treason
14. Between The Realms
15. Point Of No Return
16. The White Horseman
17. Nephilim
18. Trial And Coronation
19. Harvester Of Souls
20. Conquest Is Over
21. This Storm
22. The Great Assault
23. Beyond The Wall
24. A New Beginning

Hansi Kürsch - vocals

The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - orchestration

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13.11.2019 - 02:46
Rating: 8
Now I'm imagining this songs in 3 different versions similar to what Virgin Black did with Requiem. A "Fortíssimo" with metal instruments and orchestra; "Mezzo Forte" like they did here and the "Pianissimo" being the only instrumental version. They did 2 of 3, and I would love to hear the third, as the compositions are top notch, among the best of their entire discography.
16.11.2019 - 02:28
Rating: 3
Vintage Metaller
20.11.2019 - 20:53
Rating: 5
One more disappointment after the previous bad album. I can't believe BG's songwriting has become that bad. I am laughing when people even dare to compare it with the legendary "A Night in the Opera". " The Great Ordeal" and "Point Of No Return" were two notable moments in this album but everything else was uninspired. Well, patience my friends and maybe a day Blind Guardian's melodies may return. Or maybe not, especially if people continue to hype bad efforts....
24.11.2019 - 12:07
Rating: 10
04.12.2019 - 00:15
Rating: 5
Donkey Hotte
Written by poss on 24.11.2019 at 12:07


Nope. The music is so boring it is impossible to mate to.
I am not nor have I ever been a musician or a member of a one-man band, especially a band that has a name that starts with "D".
04.12.2019 - 00:56
Rating: 5
I do admire that thy are trying to make an inovative album, but it ends up being super boring. If it where a few songs orchestral amon "real BG" songs surely the album would be much better.
this album would be great for restless nights, as you quite surely will fall asleep...

I love this band since lucifers heritage, but i stopped at night at the opera, which is the last good album for me.
i simply can't get into the new albums.

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