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Release date: 13 June 2012
Style: Funeral doom metal, Atmospheric black metal


8.3 | 60 votes


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Disc I [Arcane Throne & Mourning Star]
01. A Choir For Venus
02. The Temple Is Falling
03. Sigils That Beckon Death
04. Blood Geometry

Disc II [Blood Conduit & Void Pursuit]
01. A Blade For Twilight
02. Pyramid Of The Cold Son
03. Blood Of Ancients, Blood Of Hatred
04. Void Alchemy

Lyrics (8)

Mutatiis - vocals, all instruments

Staff review by

Passion. I suppose that's what it's all about with these one man black metal bands: pure, unadulterated, single-minded passion. Something about the isolation from the main networks of black metal and the larger society as a whole impacts the artistic vision and strength of these bands in simply magnificent ways. It's been 6 years since Elysian Blaze main man Mutatiis has dropped an album, but right away with his 2012 offering, he shows us he hasn't merely been twiddling his thumbs all that time. The result of the past decade's creative dedication has spawned Blood Geometry, an over two hour, double disc magnum opus of all the trademarks Mutatiis has become known for that also, indeed, takes such techniques to new heights.

published 01.02.2013 | Comments (25)

Staff pick by
Troy Killjoy

31.07.2012 Everything bleak and awful in the world beautifully compiled into more than two hours of torturous melancholy.

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!J.O.O.E.! - 31.07.2012 at 17:22  
Rating: 8 So... this sounds amazing?

Troy Killjoy - 31.07.2012 at 17:27  
Written by !J.O.O.E.! on 31.07.2012 at 17:22
So... this sounds amazing?

Absolutely. Also:
Jam4Lyfe - 31.07.2012 at 20:58  
  Yes i love this album. Its so hardcore and reminds me of some sick WP jams from the mid 90's. This album is a perfect 10, probably the best album ever next to Fatboy by Moe.
Konrad - 06.08.2012 at 21:50  
  Haha, I couldn't even get through this. It's not bad at all -- in fact, it's pretty damn alright -- but in this amount of time I can listen to Rain Upon The Impure and Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite back to back and get like 5,000,000X more awesomeness out of them. This thing would be a lot better if the segments were just cut in half. It's not a mess, but it's bloated as fuck.
Abattoir - 09.08.2012 at 15:38  
  I've just ordered this stuff.

Probably it should take some time to get it here though...nevertheless I should not bother with this anyway
Oaken - 30.08.2012 at 03:56  
  The youtube samples are extremely decent, but the sheer length of this scares me away. Along with Dodsengel and Botanist...
snake? snaaaake! - 06.09.2012 at 02:15  
Written by Oaken on 30.08.2012 at 03:56

extremely decent,

I'm liking your wording.
Alex Fenger - 08.10.2012 at 19:25  
Rating: 8 The more i listen the more i love. One of those really long albums that doesn't get boring
Zaphod - 16.10.2012 at 16:59  
Rating: 9 Winamp labeled this as "General Children's Music." Made me laugh.
BreadGod - 12.01.2013 at 21:32  
Rating: 10 This album was definitely worth the wait.
Draugen - 02.02.2013 at 16:48  
Rating: 8 While I was initially a bit skeptical about Blood Geometry due to its overwhelmingly long duration, that skepticism quickly ceased to be when I listened to the whole album in one go in the middle of the night with nothing but the darkness surrounding me. That setting enabled me to fully lose myself in the atmosphere as well as focus on all the details and shifts that have gone into creating this work of art.

The album contains enough variation as to never get tedious which I was really impressed by. The overall ambience and beautiful keyboard sections in addtion to the occasional outbursts of blastbeats was more than enough to keep my interest up amidst the all the bleakness and despair.

This is without a doubt one of the best albums of last year and as a matter of fact I have the Metal Storm Awards to thank for this discovery which would most likely have otherwise remained unnoticed to me.
nille - 03.02.2013 at 15:26  
  The album was excellent ....
The album will end in my memory ....

If this album was rated in the top 10 would be higher than 10 points

These albums are masterpieces of space ....
RealEyes - 19.06.2013 at 22:11  
Written by nille on 03.02.2013 at 15:26

The album was excellent ....
The album will end in my memory ....

If this album was rated in the top 10 would be higher than 10 points

These albums are masterpieces of space ....

masterpieces are those albums which i till i listen this album it is not a masterpiece, ok?
3rdWorld - 02.11.2013 at 19:32  
  Damn not only this seems to be made with a lot of passion, the guy seems to have a genius touch. Everything about this release is prodigal. Those titles for the two discs are just fucking amazing.
Erik M. - 09.08.2014 at 00:18  
Rating: 9 This might be the most massive album I've ever heard. What an album. Pretty much the definition of black/funeral doom metal. Lots of both of these genres to be heard, which obviously is a great combination.

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