Et Moriemur


2008-  Zdeněk Nevělík - vocals
2009-  Michal "Datel" Rak - drums
2011-  Aleš Vilingr - guitars
2013-  Karel "Kabrio" Kovářík - bass
2017-  Honza Tlačil - guitars
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2009-2011  Fedor Furnadžiev - guitars
2009-2011  David Viktorin - guitars
2009-2011  Albert Fiala - keyboards
2009-2013  Honza Stinka - bass
2011-2013  Martin Pavlíček - guitars
2013-2016  Honza Vaněk - guitars
2016-2017  Pavel Janouškovec - guitars
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Epigrammata (or Επιγράμματα, as it is written on the cover) is the third full-length album by Et Moriemur from Czech Republic and I have to admit that the band had completely slipped under my radar until about a couple of months ago when I came across their latest release. Better late than never though and I feel very lucky for stumbling upon this fantastic record.   Review by nikarg ››

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