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Country: Sweden
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

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Formed in: 2013

2013- Death metal
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2013-  Ämir Batar - drums
2013-  Martin Sjögren - guitars
2017-  Joachim Lyngfelt - vocals
2017-  Ragnar Hedtjärn Ullenius - bass
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2013-2015  Daniel Gustavsson - bass
2013-2017  Joakim Mikiver - vocals
2015-2017  Adam Andersson - bass
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Rituals is the debut album by Swedish death metal band Crawl and it's safe to say that with this old-school death metal comeback of late, it's pretty hard to actually make a difference in this sound. So what do Crawl do to show their teeth and avoid the standard Entombed / Dismember worship?   Review by nikarg ››

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