Life's Decay

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2003-  Lyktwasst - acoustic guitar, bass, violin, accordion, trumpet, organ, drums
2005-  Alea - vocals, acoustic piano, cello, harmonica, carillon, xylophone, percussion

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Dysrieuses is dark, eclectic, delicate and eluding, it's soft, graceful and experimental, but more than anything else, it's most likely nothing at all like the bands you usually listen to, yes you.

It's very hard to put this album in drawers...   Review by Bas ››
What can music be, more then just music? Well, that's something Life's Decay is showing us.
With "Human Art Decay they giving us Dark music, art, propaganda and whatever belongs to that.
But for this review, we will stay inside the gates...   Review by Malcolm ››


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