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Country: Greece
Label: Unique Leader Records

Formed in: 1998

1998- Brutal death metal


1998-  Antonis - guitar
1998-  Vagelis Voyiantzis - drums
2004-  George - vocals
2010-  George - bass
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1999-2001  Dionysis - vocals
2000-2006  Lefteris - bass
2001  Jim - vocals
2001-2004  Marios - vocals
2007  John (II) - bass
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Oh no! the killer is going to cut her neck off! KILL! KILL! KILL! Hell yeah!!! This is just great! Inveracity is on the house, and they're in for the kill! And I mean it! This album will rip your entrails apart, riff after riff, growls after growl,...   Review by Undercraft ››


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