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1990-  Mikael Åkerfeldt - vocals, guitars
1997-  Martín Méndez - bass
2006-  Martin Axenrot - drums
2007-  Fredrik Åkesson - guitars
2011-  Joakim Svalberg - keyboards, percussion, vocals
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1990-1991  Nick Döring - bass
1990-1992  David Isberg - vocals
1990-1997  Anders Nordin - drums
1991  Johan DeFarfalla - bass
› 1994-1996  -//-
1991  Andreas Dimeo - guitars
1991  Kim Pettersson - guitars
1991-2007  Peter Lindgren - guitars
1992  Mattias Ander - bass
1992-1993  Stefan Guteklint - bass
1997-2006  Martin Lopez - drums
2005-2011  Per Wiberg - keyboards, vocals
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1997  Fredrik Nordström - hammond organ
2000  Steven Wilson - guitar, keyboards, mellotron, backing vocals
› 2001-2003  -//- vocals, guitars, keyboards, mellotron
› 2014  -//- backing vocals
2008  Andreas Tengberg - cello
2008  Christoffer Wadensten - flute
2008  Karin Svensson - violin
2008  Lisa Almberg - english horn, oboe
2003-2005  Per Wiberg - keyboards, backing vocals
2005  Gene Hoglan - drums
2005-2006  Martin Axenrot - drums
2008  Nathalie Lorichs - vocals
2011  Alex Acuña - percussion
2011  Björn J:son Lindh - flute
2011  Joakim Svalberg - piano


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When a trailblazing monster of a cult act turns into a '70s prog tribute band, there's surely going to be some backlash. Opeth have been getting loads of backlash (deserved and not) since 2011's Heritage. I have no doubt that Sorceress...   Review by Daniell ››
Opeth have softened their sound. This is old news, and this is also an old sound. Pale Communion is their sophomore in a retrograde and vintage style of progressive rock, yet it remains poised with their distinctive craftsmanship. The question arises as to whether this record builds upon the band's efforts in Heritage. It does.   Review by R'Vannith ››
The general consensus when a great band dares to move away from their original Death Metal sound is usually not positive. However Opeth have done it before masterfully with Damnation in 2003. They are back at it with one of the year's most anticipated...   Review by Dream Taster ››

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