No Return


1989-  Alain Clement - guitars
1999-2003  Steeve Petit - vocals
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2007-  David Barbosa - bass
2013-  Joël Barbosa - drums
2013-  Jérôme Point-Canovas - guitars
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1989-2004  Didier "Died" Le Baron - drums
1990-1992  Philippe Ordon - vocals
1990-1992  Eric Le Baron - guitars
1990-1997  Laurent Janaut - bass
1995-1997  Tanguy - vocals
1999-2002  Malko Pouchin - keyboards
1999-2007  Benoît "Ben" Antonia - guitars
2000-2001  Olivier Herol - bass
2001-2004  Olivia "Raziel" Scemama - bass
2003-2010  Moreno Grosso - vocals
2004-2007  Jiu - bass
2004-2013  Boban Tomic - drums
2007-2013  Nicolas "Niko" Coudert - guitars
2013-2020  Michaël "Mick" Rignanese - vocals
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2004  Dirk Verbeuren - drums

Latest reviews

Ah, the golden days of thrash. Back in the 80's, when the beer flowed like wine, and masterpieces of the genre instinctively flocked to the eardrums of listeners like the salmon of Capistrano. No Return is a French thrash band who got things going right as those glorious times were about to begin their hibernation...   Review by Mattybu ››
No Return is the perfect example of a band which has collapsed when it was at the top. After "Machinery" and the departure of a lot of its members, No Return has never found the way to come back to level of popularity that they've reached...   Review by Jeff ››
Do you like 'Arise' of Sepultura ? Do you like 'Soul of a new machine' of Fear Factory? 'Left hand path' of Entombed? 'Reign in blood' of Slayer? If you answer yes to all these questions, then you will like 'Machinery'...   Review by Deadsoulman ››

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