Dirty Shirt

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Country: Romania
Label: Est Ouest - Est Vest

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Formed in: 1995
Broke up: 2001-2004

1995- Alternative metal
1995-2001 Progressive metal
2012- Crossover folk metal


1996-  Mihai Tivadar - synthesizers, guitars
1996-  Pali Novelli - bass
1997-  Dan Crăciun - vocals
1997-  Vlad "X" Toca - drums
2000-  Sticri - guitars
2008-  Robert Rusz - vocals
2014-  Dan Petean - guitars

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Dirty Shirt was formed in 1996. This Romanian band is not a real newcomer in the Metal scene, but they were an Alternative band before. Now, they use to play pure Industrial music and really that's not bad at all. Through this review of this promo...   Review by Jeff ››

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