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Eternal Reign

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Also known as Perfect Crime (97-02)

Country: Germany
Label: Pure Steel Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1997

1997- Power metal


1997-  Dirk Stühmer - vocals
1997-  Michael Sebastian - guitar
1997-  Thorsten Fünfhaus - guitar
1997-  Jörg Hassel - bass
2005-  Björn Meyer - keyboards
2007-  Lennart Medebach - drums
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1997-2007  André Genuit - drums
1999-2002  Denis Scheither - keyboards
2002-2004  Thomas Langner - keyboards
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Germany, the home of Power Metal, Metal festivals and Beer, what other country could ever conquer with Germany on that? (Except Finland and Power then, but still)
And from the same country this, still quite young, Power Metal band hails, Eternal Reign....   Review by Malcolm ››