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Umbra Et Imago

This band's profile is 'invisible', meaning that it's much less prominent on the site - either because it's incomplete, or maybe doesn't entirely fit MS format.


1991-  Mozart - vocals
1999-  Michael Schwarz - drums
2004-  Sören - guitar
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1991-1995  Michael Gillian - keyboards
1991-1995  Nail - keyboards
1991-1995  Thorsten B. - bass
1994  Chris Tin - samples
1994-1995  Alex Perin - guitar
1995-1996  Achim Vogel - keyboards
1995-2011  Lutz Demmler - keyboards, bass
1996-1999  Jochen Ritter - drums
1996-2001  Matze B. - keyboards
1996-2003  Freddy Stürze - guitar
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2001  Andi Lehnert - guitar
2000-  Nanne - backing vocals
2003-  Madeleine Le Roy - backing vocals
2011  Alexander "Lex" Wohnhaas - vocals
2011  Sylvia Eulitz - cello
2011  Ally Storch-Hukriede - violin

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Umbra Et Imago is a band hailing from Germany, often characterized as vulgar in terms of aesthetic and expression - but we don't care, being the brainchild of Mozart. The dark wave/gothic rock days of the past are over and with the passing of the...   Review by KwonVerge ››
Umbra Et Imago is one of the first gothic/dark acts in Germany when the time comes to speak about the 90s. Formed back in the birth of the 90s by Mozart, Umbra Et Imago evoked a new era of darkness and dark eroticism that has been kept alive for 15 years...   Review by KwonVerge ››


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