Wolves In The Throne Room

354 fans
Also known as WITTR

Country: USA
Label: Artemisia Records

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Formed in: 2004

2004- Atmospheric black metal
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2004-  Nathan Weaver - all instruments, vocals
2004-  Aaron Weaver - all instruments, backing vocals
2017-  Kody Keyworth - guitars
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2004  Nick Paul - vocals, guitar
2005-2006  Rick Dahlin - vocals, guitar
2007-2009  Will Lindsay - guitars
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2007  Jessika Kenney - vocals
› 2011  -//- vocals, organ
2011  Zeynep Oyku Yilmaz - grand harp
2006  Will Lindsay - guitars
2010-2017  Colin Keyworth - guitars
2006  Jamie Myers-Waits - vocals
› 2009  -//-
2006  Dino Sommese - drums, vocals
2011  Phil Petrocelli - percussion
2011  Aaron Turner - vocals

Latest reviews

Wolves In The Throne Room. That name quite clearly means different things to different people. Upon the announcement that the band's fifth album would have no vocals or drums, and instead be more of an instrumental ambient album, a polarization of sorts occurred among the WITTR fanbase. Many were excited about the idea, but a good percent of others lamented the loss of the band's black metal personality that was to come. I happily planted myself in the former camp, and I'm very delighted to say that the Weaver brothers have exceeded my expectations with Celestite.   Review by Apothecary ››
Rainy evenings have a vibe of their own: rainy evenings with entrancing atmosphere are astonishing. The wolves have returned to the throne room and the fourth chapter has been carved in stone. The highly anticipated Celestial Lineage has arrived and along...   Review by DerRozzengarten ››

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