Into Eternity

187 fans
Country: Canada
Label: Kolony Records

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Formed in: 1997

1997- Melodic death metal
1997- Progressive metal


1997-  Tim Roth - guitars, vocals
2005-  Troy Bleich - bass
2011-  Bryan Newbury - drums
2013-  Amanda "The Wench" Kiernan - vocals
2014-  Matt Cuthbertson - guitars
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1997-2006  Jim Austin - drums
2003-2005  Chris Krall - vocals
2003-2005  Rob Doherty - guitar
2004-2006  Adam Sagan - drums
2005-2013  Stuart "Stu" Block - vocals
2006-2011  Steve Bolognese - drums
2006-2014  Justin Bender - guitars
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2008  Sean Maier - guitar
2012-2013  Amanda "The Wench" Kiernan - vocals
2011  Rob Doherty - vocals
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Into Eternity previous album, "Buried Into Oblivion" shocked listeners throughout the world for its originality, being a real patchwork of Progressive, Melodic Death, Power, and what not. This insanely talented Canadian band is back in full...   Review by Dream Taster ››
This is a complete surprise, and one of the greatest surprises of the year! Century Media pulled this one out of nowhere and damn what a fantastic release, I must say that I'm not familiar with previous releases of Into Eternity, and if you're...   Review by Undercraft ››

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