Will Haven

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Country: USA
Label: Bieler Bros. Records

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Formed in: 1995
Broke up: 2002-2005

1995- Sludge metal


1995-  Jeff Irwin - guitars
1995-2007  Grady Avenell - vocals
› 2009-  -//-
2000-  Mitch Wheeler - drums
2010-  Christopher Michael "Chris" Fehn - bass
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1995-2000  Wayne Morse - drums
1995-2010  Mike Martin - bass
2000  Chris Robyn - drums
2000  Dave Hulse - drums
2005-2006  Cayle Hunter - guitars
2007-2009  Jeff Jaworski - vocals
2008-2009  Reyka Osburn - bass
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Will Haven doesn't have a ton of releases in its discography but the people who like Hardcore probably know their really good last album "Carpe Diem". Due to a split, the fans had to wait six long years though, to be able to listen to the...   Review by Jeff ››


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