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Also known as Dodsferd

Country: Greece
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

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Formed in: 2001

2001- Black metal
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2001-  Wrath - guitars, vocals
2011-  Neptunus - bass
2020-  N.D. - drums
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2003-2006  Saevus Helcath - bass, guitars
2007-2010  Sardonic - bass
2008-2016  Maelstrom - drums
2011-NA  Nadir - guitars
2016-2018  Chaos (I) - drums
2018-2019  Markos Panikidis - drums
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2006  Synn - drums
2007  Bringer Of Plague - drums
2007  Bacchus - bass
2007  Archdievel - drums
2017  George Dovolos - drums
2006-2007  Giannis G. - drums
2020-  The Omegha - guitars
2020-  Charon (I) - guitars

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Dødsferd's latest record has no right to be this good. We had impressive albums released in 2018 by Varathron, Nigredo, Tractatus, Human Serpent, Eriphion and Acherontas (and I'm sure I've missed a few), so one could easily argue that Greece had already reached its maximum allowed awesomeness for black metal releases this past year.   Review by nikarg ››
I must admit I was rather sceptical when I received Dodsferd's new album " Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow". The previous album "Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey" was an OK listen but no more than that, and...   Review by Lucas ››

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