Satan Jokers

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Also known as Jarretelles

Country: France
Label: XIII Bis Records

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Formed in: 1979

1981-1986 Hard rock
2009- Hard rock


1979-1986  Renaud Hantson - vocals, drums
› 2009-  -//- vocals
2009-  Aurélien "Aurel" Ouzoulias - drums
2009-  Olivier Spitzer - guitars, vocals
2009-  Michaël Zurita - guitars, vocals
2009-  Pascal Mulot - bass, vocals
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1979-1986  Laurent Bernat - bass
1979-1986  Stéphane Bonneau - guitars
1981-1986  Pierre Guiraud - vocals
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2009  Stéphane Bonneau - guitars
2009  Marc Varez - drums

Latest reviews

"Les Fils Du Metal" (the sons of Metal) are alive! Satan Jokers, with a new original line-up is back this year to release a new album, 24 years after their last effort "III". Don't believe that it's a real re-formation but...   Review by Jeff ››

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